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Our Story

Because the insurance business is all about helping people, it tends to both attract and retain individuals who really care about people like you. Doug Martin was one such individual, so along with his son, Alan, he established Martin Insurance Consultants in 1981 to get the satisfaction of being able to help people.


If you ask Alan why he partnered with his Dad over 35 years ago, he will tell you that, at the time, “He needed a job.”  If you ask him why he has stayed in the business after his Dad’s passing, he will jokingly tell you, “I still need a job.” However, the insurance business is not for those who are lazy, greedy, or unmotivated. And in quiet moments, Alan does admit that he is here because he cares about people like you, so he continues his father’s dedication to a high level of customer service.


Such dedication to his clients, which is also seen in his wife and co-owner, Michelle, is corroborated by whom they allow to work in their office. A high level of “caring” is a non-negotiable for anyone expecting to work there because Alan and Michelle are very protective of their clients.

This concern for their clients is also demonstrated by the conscious decision that they have made to have a real person answer the phone, rather than delegate that responsibility to technology. In their opinion, friends don’t make friends talk to a robot.


Another quality that sets the Martins apart is their continued interest in their clients. Alan and Michelle know that the better they stay aware of their clients’ overall situations, the better they can protect them. Their goal is to:


“Protect their world by servicing their claims BEFORE it happens!”


This is best done by knowing our clients’ situations well enough that we can anticipate their coming insurance needs. This level of service will allow our clients to get on with their dreams, secure in the knowledge that we have their backs.

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