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Group Health Insurance

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Accidents happen and people get sick, sometimes very sick and medical treatments are not cheap. Without health insurance coverage you could end up with medical bills that you will being paying off for the rest of your life. We can help you find an affordable healthcare comprehensive and/or supplemental plan that will work for you.  We even have vision and dental plans.


At Martin Insurance Consultants, we work hard to understand your individual circumstances so that we can better protect your interests when writing your health insurance policy(s).


We are also happy to answer important questions like:


  • How much will a policy cost?

  • What is an HSA (Health Savings Account) and should I have one?

  • Do I have options in coverage?

There are many facets to health insurance. We will work with you to devise the best possible strategy for your circumstances, then determine which of our companies will provide you the best protection with a competitive premium.


We know and understand how important a healthy future is, and the value of protecting it. Outliving your savings due to illness and accidents can be financially devastating, so you need a plan that will keep you from having to deplete what you have worked so hard to grow.


Contact us today so we can begin helping you. We can answer your questions about health insurance and what is right for you.  We are here to help you protect your family and your valuables.


What are the major types of health insurance policies?

There are basically two major types of health insurance policies for individuals from which to choose — comprehensive and supplemental. These health insurance plans help cover your medical, surgical, and hospital expenses. They may even cover dental expenses, mental health services, and prescription drugs, depending on the coverage you choose.



A comprehensive plan is a more traditional healthcare plan. It covers all types of medical and health issues including hospitalizations, emergency rooms, doctors and so forth. You typically have a deductible and pay a co-payment to your provider for every healthcare service you receive.



A supplemental plan pays specific amounts for specific coverages. These plans are not what has been historically common coverage; but have become more popular as comprehensive plans have gotten out of financial reach for some. Different plans are emerging to fill this gap and have better and better benefits.


Common Health Insurance Terms

When discussing health insurance, it helps to understand some common terms:\


Deductible – the amount of money you have to pay toward medical bills before your insurance begins.  A $1,000 deductible means that you will have to pay $1,000 out of your own pocket before insurance kicks in a dime. However, some policies may exclude prescription drugs from the deductible.


Co-pay – a specified amount of money you pay upfront for doctor visits and prescription refills.  For example, all doctor’s office visits may have a $20 co-pay.


Coinsurance – the percentage of medical bills you pay after meeting the deductible.  Many policies are paid on an 80/20 basis after the deductible has been met. This means that the insurance pays for 80% of the bill while you pay 20%. A $100 procedure would cost you $20 after your deductible has been met.


One size does not fit all

Since every situation is unique, your insurance portfolio should consist of a unique blend of coverages, limits, deductibles, and premiums. With our individualized approach, you receive a portfolio as unique as you.


There when you need us

Rest assured that when you have a claim, you are not alone. Not only do we counsel you about your claim, we are also your advocates. Request your free, no obligation insurance review today!


Martin Insurance Consultants provides Life, Health, and Retirement Benefits in Arizona and retirement benefits in New Mexico.

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