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Condominium insurance is unique. Your insurance policy covers your personal property and liability, as well as any additions, alterations and improvements you make to your unit that are your responsibility based on the association agreement. You could also be compensated for additional living expenses incurred should you need to vacate your condo after a covered loss. Let us help you find the right amount of coverage to suit your insurance needs.

At Martin Insurance Consultants, we work hard to understand your individual circumstances so that we can better protect your interests when writing your condo policy. We are also happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

There are many facets to Condominium insurance, including coverages, limits, deductibles, and which insurance companies are the best fit for you. We will work with you to devise the best possible strategy for your circumstances, then determine which of our companies will provide you the most competitive premiums.

We know and understand how important a condo is, and the value of having it properly covered. Fires, theft, and vandalism can be financially devastating if you don’t have the right coverage in your insurance policy.

Contact us today so we can begin helping you. We can answer your questions about Condo insurance and which coverages, limits, and deductibles are right for you.  We are here to help you protect your family and your valuables.


What you need to know about condo/townhouse insurance.

Condo insurance provides coverage for your personal property and much more. For just a few dollars more, you can elect to carry Replacement Cost Personal Property, ensuring that you are reimbursed full replacement value, without regard for depreciation after a covered loss.

If you have upgraded your cabinets or put in hardwood floors, condo building item coverage protects these investments. Be sure to consult your HOA agreement to determine what the Association policy covers, and what you are responsible for.


If common areas are damaged, your condo association may levy assessments against all the owners to pay the deductible on their association policy. Optional loss assessment coverage is also available to protect you against certain assessments that may be levied by the association.


Various limits of loss assessment coverage are available. Be sure to consult the HOA agreement to determine the potential for such assessments. We can help you determine your coverage needs to make sure you are properly covered.


Protect yourself and your guests.

Your Condo insurance policy protects you and your family members against bodily injury and property damage liability claims, plus any litigation that may result subject to the limits you select. In addition, you can select medical payments coverage which will pay for medical expenses incurred by a visitor who is injured at your residence regardless of fault. Various limits are available.


Extra coverage need not cost a lot.

Many people supplement their condo insurance coverage with personal umbrella liability insurance for broader protection. For less than $20 per month, an umbrella not only provides extra liability, but can also provide extra protection over your autos, boat, RV, ATV’s, and other properties you own in different states. Ask us if an umbrella policy is right for you.


If you have special valuable items such as jewelry, art, antiques or collectibles, ask about our Valuable Articles option which provides broader coverage and no deductible in the event of a covered loss.


One size does not fit all.

Since every situation is unique, your insurance portfolio should consist of a unique blend of coverages, limits, deductibles, and premiums. With our individualized approach, you receive a portfolio as unique as you.


There when you need us.

Rest assured that when you have a claim, you are not alone.  Not only do we counsel you about your claim, we are also your advocates. Request your free, no obligation insurance review today!


Martin Insurance Consultants can also write your other homes in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

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