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Commercial Umbrella

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If umbrella policies are good for individuals, then they are imperative for businesses. When a catastrophic liability loss occurs, an umbrella insurance policy can mean the difference between a business surviving, or not.


The rising costs of lawsuits and judgments are important for today’s business owner to consider. Catastrophic liability losses can happen to any business at any time, and a commercial umbrella policy protects you when those losses exceed your basic liability coverage. The time and effort you have taken to build your business is too important for it to disappear after one unforeseen event.


Call Martin Insurance Consultants today at 520-742-6121, or email us at to learn more about commercial umbrella insurance policies.

What do you need to know about commercial umbrella insurance?

Commercial Umbrella insurance helps you protect your assets by providing liability limits above and beyond your other liability policies such as Commercial Auto, General Liability, and Employers Liability. In some cases, it even broadens your protection. Due to the unpredictable nature of jury awards, Martin Insurance Consultants recommends that your business insurance program include this coverage.


Talk to us today about your business operations and we can advise you on the type of liability coverage you need to protect yourself and your company. Just give us a call at 520-742-6121 and we’ll help make sure you’re covered.


One size does not fit all

Since every situation is unique, your insurance portfolio should consist of a unique blend of coverages, limits, deductibles, and premiums. With our individualized approach, you receive a portfolio as unique as you.


There when you need us

Rest assured that when you have a claim, you are not alone. Not only do we counsel you about your claim, we are also your advocates. Request your free, no obligation insurance review today!


Martin Insurance Consultants can also insure your Commercial Property, General Liability, Professional Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers’ Compensation, and we have special programs for Water Districts, Irrigation Districts, and Fire Districts. Please see Specialized & Special District Insurance for more information.

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