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Community Service

Charity Drive

Giving back to our community is part of what we do. We believe in supporting local non-profit organizations that make other people’s lives better. This year, one of the charities that we have chosen to work with is Eagles Wings of Grace, Int’l, which helps women to get jobs by providing them with professional clothing and job training so that they have the look and skills needed to interview well.


It is important to us to have our staff members be able to volunteer, so we give them time away from the office to volunteer at their own personal favorite charities. Among other things, the members of our staff have been involved in helping churches, working for the food bank, starting a school parent’s organization (PAW), fostering animals, working with AYSO, and fighting fires as part of a volunteer fire department.

Let us help you!!!

We want to publicize your efforts and what you do in our community by sharing your stories in our monthly newsletter. If you have a story about a charity, we would love to feature it in a future edition!


Please take a moment to fill out the form below. Include your contact information so we can get your pictures and story. We appreciate all you do for our community.

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